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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Writing and editing up a storm

As far as my writing career goes, I'm inclined to believe there's nothing quite so satisfying as writing, "The End." I finally finished the second book in my Paradise Pines series, SUMMER DREAMS. Whooooppeeeeee! BIG SIGH of relief!

I got that one officially submitted. It was way late, after our move to Texas, my broken kneecap and the subsequent surgery...but it's finished and in the hands of my editor. Actually, I just received the first edits back on it, so things are moving along nicely. (I sent it in on the 2nd of this month. This is a really fast turnaround - no doubt because my tardiness in getting the book written upset the schedule-cart at Pelican Book Group. I'm so sorry, PBG!)

Started the third book, AUTUMN FALLS, and got several chapters in with ease. Finishing SUMMER DREAMS seemed to oil my creative wheels. It feels to good to be making progress! Then I received the galleys on OH BABY. Joy, joy, joy! The other Heart's Haven authors and I have been patiently waiting for this series to start releasing. Looks like the ball is rolling, and we are so ready. I hope you are too.

That's my current "twitter-fest" about writing. Sometimes I just have to crow a little... 

Thought you might like to see the covers for the Paradise Pines series. Pretty, aren't they? Thanks to Nicola Martinez for always turning out covers PBG authors can be proud of!

On another note, this blog is brand new. I hope to keep it active - not only with my own ramblings, but with information, interviews and announcements from other authors too. Not everything will be writing-related, I promise. You'll find a bit of this and that and every other thing here on Chirp and Chatter. So out and grab the rest of your flock and ask them to wing it right on over here and give me a follow. My sidebar looks pathetic! lol

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