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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Book Review: The Silent Corner (Dean Koontz)

Dean Koontz still has it, people. The man can write a tale that leaves readers begging for the next book. He had it 30 years ago, when I read my first Koontz book, and he still has it today.

The Silent Corner is one of those storylines that grabs you from the get-go and never lets go. Jane Hawk is one of the strongest female characters I’ve read in a long time. The story line is fascinating. The suspense is totally gripping. The writing is…well, this is Dean Koontz, after all. The writing is phenomenal.

I won’t rehash the story line, which is available everywhere the book sells. Just know this: There’s absolutely nothing to criticize about The Silent Corner. Some say Koontz’s style changed over the years, and it probably did. We all change with time, and as we change, so does our way of communicating. I loved this author through every ‘change,’ because one thing remained unchanging throughout the years: Dean Koontz can write. He can tell a story better than all but a couple of other authors that I’m aware of, and he holds his own even with them. His stories never disappoint, and The Silent Corner certainly doesn’t. I was glued to the pages from start to finish.

Unpredictable. Unforgettable. Fascinating. Thought-provoking. Endless heart-pounding excitement. Yes, it’s really that good. 

Off to read The Whispering Room. Another Jane Hawk story? I’m already there!

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