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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Even Now (Karen Kingsbury)


Beautiful, touching tale, beautifully told. I couldn't stop reading...and it takes a really special story to draw me in so completely and relentlessly. Loved this one, and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a tale that touches heart and soul.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Silver White Winters (Candice Sue Patterson)

Candice Sue Patterson knows how to write. Period. This author’s descriptive abilities is phenomenal, as is her insight into matters of the heart and emotions. Silver White Winters is a romantic Christmas story unlike any I’ve ever read…and I have read many.

I won’t rehash the storyline. It’s available everywhere the book is for sale. But that description cannot possibly come close to relaying the heart and soul of this book. It will wrap itself around your heart and hold on tight to the very last page. You won’t find a beautifully wrapped happily-ever-after in this storyline, but a heartfelt romance hampered by very real problems that can’t be easily solved and stuffed into a pretty package marked “Neatly Resolved and All Fixed Up.” This is life at its most real, with all the tears and pain, and joy and laughter that entails.

Read it. You’ll never forget Silver White Winters.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Vegas Vacation (Clare Revell)


I enjoyed this rollicking tale, in which royalty meets the real world in a place no less blood-pumping and eye-popping than Las Vegas.  Lady Tamlyn Bradshaw, at 26 years old, is on her first “big-girl-on-her-own” adventure. Well, kind of on her own. After Tamlyn’s bodyguard is hospitalized with what seems to be food poisoning, Sergeant Martin Ames—wounded law enforcement hero, just shy of early retirement—steps in (not quite willingly) to fill the gap.

Spoiled heroine quite used to having her way. Stubborn, strong-willed hero determined to have his. And two hearts who don’t even know they need each other…  But Clare Revell is quite adept at leading wayward hearts down the path they need to follow, and she does it with flair and pizzazz in Vegas Vacation.

A surprising amount of suspense and danger keep the pages of this romance novella turning, from the first page to the last (I read it in one sitting).  It’s a worthy addition to Pelican Book Group’s Passport to Romance line, and to Revell’s growing repertoire of gripping stories. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Blowing on Dandelions (Miralee Ferrell)


Once again, I am impressed with Miralee Ferrell's ability to paint characters so real I feel as if I've known them forever. This author clearly has an excellent understanding of the nuances in various types of relationship, which makes for a deeply felt connection between the reader and the characters. I rooted for Catherine and Micah to the end, felt his lonely bitterness and her inner pain, her longing for something more from an unaffectionate, sharp-tongued mother. Blowing on Dandelions is a beautiful tale, beautifully told. I recommend it for lovers of clean romance with a deeper undercurrent that grips the heart and keeps the pages turning.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Bride for Noah (Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith)


What a wonderful trip into early Oregon this book was!
I laughed, and gritted my teeth, and wanted to shake both hero and heroine a couple of times. These authors know how to create living, breathing characters that quickly feel like old friends to whom one doesn't want to say goodbye.

Indians and lumberjacks, snobs and gutter rats, ne'er-do-wells and hard-working, solid citizens...and a hard-headed heroine that'll make you want to send her to bed without dinner a time or two. All together in one delightful book that truly had me wondering for a time whether a happy ever after was actually going to even be possible. But with an author team like Lori and Virginia, ANYTHING is possible...and the reader is guaranteed an emotional rollercoaster ride on the way to making it happen.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tuesday's Child (Clare Revell)


Adeline and Nate had me rooting for them from the very beginning. Author Clare Revell has created characters so lifelike I wanted to know them personally, to make them friends. This may well be my favorite Revell novel to date. Kudos to the author for a job VERY well done!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Designed by Love, Mary Manners


This may well be my favorite of this author's Heart's Haven offerings, to date. I love them all, but Traci and Dylan captured my heart - and I love the way the ever-present Heart's Haven angels did their "thing" in this book. Just perfectly perfect!

Wounded Grace (Tanya Stowe)


Wounded Grace is part of the Heart’s Haven Easter collection, in which a startling and unexpected occurrence saddens many faithful visitors to the Haven. But Tanya Stowe manages to reach around and beyond that central shock, and build yet another truly heart-rending set of circumstances between the hero and heroine. When their past threatens their future, only God and His wonderful messengers can create the kind of miracle that will bring renewal and refreshing into the hearts of two people who’ve suffered far too long. Stowe is a master storyteller with a keen awareness of and empathy for humanity with all its faults and foibles. A beautiful tale, beautifully written.

Jodie's Song, Marianne Evans


Marianne Evans never has a problem touching hearts in the pages of her books…and Jodie’s Song is certainly no exception. I enjoyed this special Easter story, loved the themes of rebirth and renewal, loved the pull of heartstrings, the angst…and the refreshing healing power of Christ that was displayed so beautifully in the lives of these characters. Sadness…oh, yes—very true to life sorrow and loss. But Evans is a master at portraying the ever-present hope Christ offers to those who will accept it. Jodie’s Song is definitely a Heart’s Haven keeper.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Whispers on the Prairie (Vickie McDonough)


Well, Vickie McDonough does it again. Whispers on the Prairie is a beautifully written tale filled with heart-tugging emotion and a terrific story line that is the perfect first book in a series. I love the Harper family, and can't wait to watch the other two brothers fall in love. Ethan's angst over failing to keep his older brother's flighty wife from getting herself killed, and Sarah's love for the sweet aunt who gave her a home are key elements in this touching story. It's a series of tragic, funny, moving events as all three Harper brothers make a play for the pretty "city gal" who is forced to accept their family's hospitality, though she knows nothing of prairie life. Vickie McDonough consistently writes fiction that resonates, and Whispers on the Prairie is yet another example of that skill. Just a delightful read!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Finding Hannah (John R. Kess)

John R Kess has come up with something amazing! I can't imagine any young adult who values clean entertainment edged with mystery, suspense, wonder - and even a bit of terror - not absolutely loving Finding Hannah. It's a haunting, never-to-be-forgotten story of growing up, and of encountering and overcoming loss, shock, guilt and emotional trauma. I love finding new authors to watch for, and I definitely did in John R. Kess.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Widowsfield Trilogy (A.R. Wise)


I'm torn as to whether I actually "liked" this series. I read all three books, because I absolutely had to know what happened to the characters. The storyline itself was definitely interesting, even though beyond far-fetched. The books could've used some professional editing. But I kept reading, despite all of that, through the entire series. That says something...I think.