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Friday, March 17, 2017

Author Interview: Pamela S. Meyers

I'm pleased to welcome Author Pamela S. Meyers to Chirp 'N Chatter...and you'll be pleased to know she'll be giving away a Kindle copy of her new release, Second Chance Love! Leave a comment to be entered in the drawing.

Pamela S. Meyers
Your book and you:
What inspired you to write Second Chance Love?
I’ve always loved cowboys since I was a kid and dreamed of even owning my own horse, but my parents put a kibosh on that because there wasn’t room in the budge. I eventually grew into my teens and became interested in other pursuits. About twelve years ago I met a former bull rider who has become one of my best friends and he took me to my first rodeo. I was hooked. Over all those years we’ve attended a Labor Day rodeo festival in Palestine, IL. It’s set in a unique little town that seemed to beg me to write a story set there during the rodeo. Of course, it had to be about a bull rider, and what better conflict than to have him fall in love with a Chicago-born-and-bred woman who couldn’t imagine digging up roots and settling down on a Texas ranch. Or could she?
What spiritual theme does this book include? How did it come to be a part of this story line?
My character Sydney Knight is scared to death to take a risk and trust God. She’d been abandoned in an emotional way by her dad when he died while she was in high school, by her brother whose debilitating accident had left him disabled for life, and by her fiancé on their wedding day. She’d done well avoiding anymore romantic entanglements until she met Jace McGowan. They’d met two years before the start of my story when his uncle (her boss) asked her to take him around Chicago for a day. In the course of one day, their chemistry was so strong, it left her head spinning, not to mention the one and only kiss they shared when they said good bye. Sydney has to learn to trust God and let go of her fears.

About you:
What household task do you most dislike?
Can we make it an office task? I am retired from my day job and writing is now my full-time work. I love writing and all things related to writing, but hate the behind the scenes work of keeping up with the business end of it. It seems papers keep coming in that need to be filed (despite we are in a digital age) and that means filing. I hated filing with I worked in an office and I still hate it today.
Which do you most enjoy?
Can’t think of any that I really enjoy, but what I do enjoy is when the tasks are done and my condo is dusted, vacuumed and disinfected. It’s such a great feeling for at least a day or two.
What smell do you love most, and why?
I love the smell of lilacs when they bloom in the spring. They aren’t around very long and perhaps that’s why I love the scent as much as I do. In part, too, because it takes me back to grade school when the classroom windows would be open on warmer days and the scent would ride the breezes into the room. On some of those days students would bring the teacher bouquets of lilacs and she’d place them around the room. I loved that heady scent so much.

God and you:
Where do you hide away when you want to pray, meditate, read, or just cuddle up with God?
Since I live alone, except for my two rescue cats, I don’t feel a need to find a place to hide so I can be alone with God. The place where I spend my morning devotions, one end of my couch. I put a Christian online music station on softly in the background (right now my favorite is, but Pandora also has some great stations for that as well) and begin by reading entries from a couple devotionals, then go to the Bible and read and meditate on scripture. I keep a daily journal and use that to write prayers to God after I’ve spent time in the Bible.
Please share your conversion experience, if you’re comfortable doing so.
I grew up in Wisconsin and attended Sunday school, but never heard much about a personal relationship with Jesus during those years. As I grew into adulthood, not having a solid biblical foundation, it was easy to drift away from church attendance. From age 25 until age 33, I lived in Southern California for seven years. Toward the end of those years, I began to sense there was more to life than partying and yearned to move back to the Midwest.
I transferred to the Chicago area with my employer and settled into the northwest burbs. A couple months later, my mom became seriously ill, and I promised God I’d start attending church again if she got better. She did, and I went to the church closest to my apartment. I knew little about what made up a good church and attended one that put an emphasis on earning your way to heaven, rather than by faith alone.
God made sure I would eventually hear the truth by having some Christian women move into my apartment building. One of the women shared the gospel with me. I politely listened, but thought I was already a Christian. I continued attending the church I first went to, and one Good Friday afternoon, while the biblical account of Jesus’ crucifixion was read out loud, the Holy Spirit opened the eyes of my heart and all that my neighbor had been telling me made sense. That Jesus went to the cross for me because without His sacrifice that covered my sin, I could never spend eternity with Him.
After the service, with tear-filled eyes, I told the pastor what had happened and he simply sent me on my way with a “God bless you.” Regardless of his dismissive response, I walked home feeling as if I was floating. My neighbor made sure I would be discipled properly by getting me into a Bible study and before long, I moved on to a church that preached the gospel. Since then, over these many years, I’ve grown in the Word and serve Him through leading Bible studies, my writing ministry and being on a calling team for my church’s radio ministry. I never cease to be amazed at how much Jesus had to suffer for the sake of all of us, and that by believing in Him we are seen as righteous by God. What a comfort to know I’m going to spend eternity with the Lord.

About Second Chance Love:
Chicago lawyer Sydney Knight and Texas bull rider Jace McGowan have nothing in common but everything to lose when they are thrust together during a weekend rodeo in rural Illinois. Neither one of them would have imagined two years ago that the deep attraction they sensed during a day-long outing would resurface when Sydney’s boss assigns her to Jace’s legal case.

Sydney has been through a world of hurt since losing her dad when she was sixteen, then being dumped the morning of her wedding. She’s sworn off romance and instead devotes her time toward a partnership in her father’s law office.
Jace has found faith in God and wants out of his sponsor contract with a risqué restaurant chain that requires him to pose with scantily-clad women. He’s about to bail on the contract and pay steep penalties—something he can ill afford, given that his deceased father left the family with unpaid taxes.
Sydney is determined she’ll get Jace out of his contract and return to Chicago with her heart intact, but Jace is just as determined to help her see they are meant to be together. Can a city girl with roots deep in Chicago and a bull-riding rancher with roots deep in Texas give themselves a second-chance love?

About the author:
A native of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, author Pamela S. Meyers lives in suburban Chicago with her two rescue cats. Her novels include Thyme for Love and her historical romance, Love Finds You in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Her novella, What Lies Ahead, is part of a novella collection, The Bucket List Dare, which is now available at Amazon in both print and Kindle formats. Second Chance Love from Bling!, an imprint of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, released in January 2017. When she isn’t at her laptop writing her latest novel, she can often be found nosing around Wisconsin and other Midwestern spots for new story ideas. Here’s the link to her Amazon author page where you can purchase Second Chance Love and any other of her books:


  1. This sounds like a great story! Thanks for the interview. I love the conversion experiences. It is definitely a personal relationship. I love the smell of lilacs too. I'm hoping my lilacs haven't started blooming with this crazy weather. I'll have to go check after work. Our yellow belle bush bloomed, but died after the little bit of snow the other day. It's been a crazy winter!

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