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Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Bride for Noah (Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith)


What a wonderful trip into early Oregon this book was!
I laughed, and gritted my teeth, and wanted to shake both hero and heroine a couple of times. These authors know how to create living, breathing characters that quickly feel like old friends to whom one doesn't want to say goodbye.

Indians and lumberjacks, snobs and gutter rats, ne'er-do-wells and hard-working, solid citizens...and a hard-headed heroine that'll make you want to send her to bed without dinner a time or two. All together in one delightful book that truly had me wondering for a time whether a happy ever after was actually going to even be possible. But with an author team like Lori and Virginia, ANYTHING is possible...and the reader is guaranteed an emotional rollercoaster ride on the way to making it happen.