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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Paisley's Pattern (LoRee Peery)

She's Paisley Robbins. He's Robin Paisley. She's a bit of a free spirit. He's completely uptight. Only LoRee Peery could bring these opposites together so beautifully. I've been impressed before with Peery's smooth flow and keen insight into human emotions, quirks, and foibles...but she outdid herself in Paisley's Pattern. I loved the flawed hero, and the outspoken heroine with few boundaries and little-to-no filter between mind and mouth. Paisley's candid approach is a refreshing change from the cookie-cutter heroine too often found in book after book after romance book. Note: This is not your everyday Christian romance. Be prepared for new and different; fresh and fun; exciting and irresistible. Paisley's Pattern is just plain good reading, with an added blessing in the skillfully woven life lessons. Don't miss this one!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Jett (Dana Pratola)

DESCENDED Series, Book 1

I rarely read a book that literally holds me captive, incapable of laying it aside until the very last page. Dana Pratola’s JETT made it happen in a really big way. The story line is unique, to say the least, with supernatural elements so skillfully implemented that the reader forgets how far from reality they’ve traveled. Intense, gripping, powerful, and very well-written. JETT is a perfect opener for the Descended series. I loved it so much I ordered the rest of the series immediately, and read them all, one right after another. In my opinion, that’s the highest praise I could possibly give. Kudos to the author on a job incredibly well done!