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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Gabriel's Atonement (Vickie McDonough)


Vickie McDonough simply never disappoints. Gabriel's Atonement had me in its grip from the beginning, and never let go. Gabe and Lara are such fun, interesting, and REAL characters, one can't help but root for them...cry for their losses (and both had more than their share), and rejoice in their hard-won victories. Even the secondary characters are fully developed, and capable of inciting emotion in the reader. I loved Lara's four-year-old son, Michael. Children always add something wonderful to a book, and this author has a perfect handle on how to portray little ones.

McDonough also does a beautiful job of weaving in the love, grace, and goodness of God without turning the novel into a very long sermon. A perfect start to the Land Rush Dreams series, and I eagerly await the next book, Joline's Redemption. (That gal's gonna need some!)

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