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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Whispers on the Prairie (Vickie McDonough)


Well, Vickie McDonough does it again. Whispers on the Prairie is a beautifully written tale filled with heart-tugging emotion and a terrific story line that is the perfect first book in a series. I love the Harper family, and can't wait to watch the other two brothers fall in love. Ethan's angst over failing to keep his older brother's flighty wife from getting herself killed, and Sarah's love for the sweet aunt who gave her a home are key elements in this touching story. It's a series of tragic, funny, moving events as all three Harper brothers make a play for the pretty "city gal" who is forced to accept their family's hospitality, though she knows nothing of prairie life. Vickie McDonough consistently writes fiction that resonates, and Whispers on the Prairie is yet another example of that skill. Just a delightful read!

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