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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Santa Fe Sunrise (Tanya Stowe)

Beautiful imagery, unforgettable characters, and a riveting storyline!

Tanya Stowe always strikes me as a one-of-a-kind writer…but never so much as when she writes suspense. Her genuine love for the genre shines through in the extra ‘heaping heartful’ of edginess she doles out for her suspense readers. In SANTA FE SUNRISE, that little something extra adds up to pure magic.
Rafaela De Silva’s got a lot on her lovely Native American plate—not the least of which is the steady financial decline of her family’s art gallery. Then there’s the delicate younger sister who lays claim to a severe eating disorder, a super-sized artistic talent and ever-increasing night terrors that could easily land her in a room with fancy bars on the windows. Add to that the fact that the handsome stranger in town thinks someone wants to harm Rafaela, and the woman’s got more than sufficient reason to be a little on edge.
Brett is determined to find out who wants to hurt the woman who’s taken an unrelenting grip on his heart—even though that woman can’t decide whether to trust him or chase him out of town. While he quietly delves into why someone might want Rafaela out of the picture, Brett also sets out to bring a little joy back into the home she shares with her mother and sister. While he’s repairing a ramshackle villa, he’s also rebuilding his self-worth, mending his relationship with God…and making himself a bigger target for someone who will stop at nothing to get what the De Silva family don’t even know they have.
Stowe knows suspense, and handles it with all the aplomb of the seasoned professional she is. She also knows romance, and doesn’t mind turning Brett and Rafaela upside down and inside out while exploring the whole boy-gets-girl scenario. Her recipe for romantic suspense results in an extra bit of pizzazz in both categories.

A dash of ancient Indian legend. A generous helping of black market artifacts. A pinch of snark, a handful of hope—and chapter after chapter of top-notch writing. I can’t imagine any reader of romance and/or suspense not being utterly and completely captivated by Santa Fe Sunrise. Five GREAT BIG stars!

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