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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Friendship Month: A Cup of Tea Friendship

by Marilyn Leach

Do you enjoy getting little memento’s from friends?
My dear friends that live in Reading, Berkshire, England gave me a special little trinket. It now hangs by my kitchen window that looks out onto a gracious green space, home to an apple tree and blue spruce. And, I won’t soon forget the day Lillie and Andy presented the gift to me.
Weary from my overnight flight from Denver to England, customs was a blur. But, nearing the gate at Heathrow where people stand with names printed on tag boards and loved ones await, I became energized.
I stepped through the doorway in the waiting area.
“Marilyn,” was called out with devil-may-care delight. “E-E-E Marilyn.” Lillie’s smile was like a neon light. Andy was around the ropes and pulling my roller bag before I could say God Save the Queen. We shared generous hugs.
This wasn’t the first time it happened, and it hasn’t been the last.
In a flash, we were in the car, making way and chatting at the same high speed we hurled down the motorway.
Arriving at Andy and Lillie’s gracious abode felt like home away from home. The Harris Family has always made it so. From the first time I entered their door many years ago, warm hospitality bubbled. And it was no different this day. My heart danced when those special, inevitable words rang out just after I hung my coat on the peg rail. “I’ll put the kettle on.”
The long plane journey faded as laughter and chit-chat of family and events accompanied a most welcomed cup of soothing tea. Sometimes in the back garden, or the breakfast room, often in the sitting room, we drink in the flavorful brew and the joy of being with one another. And so goes the entire time we spend together. Overnight outings, visiting stately homes, riding steam trains, or simple days in, good times are always punctuated with a steaming cuppa. It’s a simple celebration of life and friendship.
This particular visit, as was habit, Lillie had a little gift bag for me. Wrapped up inside was the memento that I’m writing about now. It was a teacup-shaped ceramic tile with a little hanging ribbon. The caption engraved upon it read:

Life is like a cup of tea: to be filled to the brim
and enjoyed with friends.

Truer words were seldom spoken, a sentiment I’ll always treasure.
Now, brewing tea has become a daily occurrence in my home. And every sighting of that memento hanging near my electric kettle reminds me of pleasant memories with special friends. Thank you, Andy and Lillie.

Though Marilyn grew up in the Western United States, she became a dyed-in-the-wool British enthusiast after exploring the UK and making friends there. She has co-authored plays that have been performed in both secular and church venues. Her many devotionals have appeared in such works as The Quiet Heart, Big Dreams in Small Places, and Guideposts. In her current British mystery series with Pelican Books, Berdie Elliott is the intrepid vicar’s wife who solves crime with a little help from above. Marilyn lives in a lakeside cottage on the front range of the Rocky Mountains.


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  1. Welcome, Marilyn! Thanks for sharing your friendship with Andy and's heartwarming. Love the cup of tea quote!

  2. Friendship and tea they just belong together don't you think?
    Every scents i can remember my mom had tea parties and to be invited to one with her and her friends was a real treat. When my kids were growing up anytime she came to visit or we went their the first thing she would make cookies with the kids then we'd doll up and have tea (yes even the boys) Manners and special tea time talk. Such great memories. Thanks for bringing them back.