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Monday, September 5, 2016

Review: Symphony

I know you're all used to seeing book reviews under the "Review" title heading, but today I want to talk about a service that I've found immensely helpful.


As an author, I'm on several social networking sites, for promotion as well as networking. I also like to reach out to my readers through social networks. But trying to keep up with all of these sites and still have to time to do what I do - WRITE! - can keep me at my computer for hours and days on end. I needed help, and I found it with Symphony.

They help me organize all of my social networking sites and crosspost to each of them. It's so much less bother than going into every one of those sites site and adding separate posts...every few days, because it's important to keep things fresh and updated. To be honest, because it's so time-consuming, it most often simply didn't get done.

Until I found Symphony. They've literally streamlined social networking. Logging into Symphony once a month or so and queing a post to appear on each of my networking sites at certain dates and times is a breeze, compared to my own hit-and-miss attempts to stay active everywhere I need to be seen. I especially like having a blog tab on my Facebook page, so my blog is readily available to my Facebook friends.

I can't say enough good things about Symphony. If you're in a position to be drowned in social networking activities, do yourself a favor and check out this service.

The only downside for me, as an author who's not yet bringing in enough income from writing to make investing too much in said writing possible, is the cost. Any amount of money is sometimes too much. But Symphony has a free membership, as well as a graduated scale of paid memberships, starting at $14.95 a month. That's do-able for most of us - and well worth making room for it in the budget!

Check them can thank me later.

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