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Friday, May 12, 2017

Mini-interview with Author Heidi Schussman

A special welcome to Author Heidi Schussman!

What spiritual theme does El Tiburon include? How did it come to be a part of this story line?

As you may know, my books aren’t light reading. El Tiburon is a crime novel about drug and human trafficking in Central America. That being said, I attempt to show that we can cry out to the Lord in our anguish, sometimes with bitter words full of hurt and confusion. Repeatedly throughout El Tiburon and its predecessor, Counterpart, the Christian characters demonstrate a confidence in God’s presence.

In this series of books about Sean and Sport McGee I also show God’s plan for marriage and family. In Counterpart (where they meet) they fall in love but choose to not act upon the growing desire for each other, though at times it’s comically difficult.

What smell do you love most, and why?

This is a fun question. I found myself thinking of all the smells I love and realized how important smell must be to me. Smell is one of the most primal senses we have and the scent of something can evoke vivid memories. I can break it down into three categories:

Flowers… I adore the smell of flowers! Especially roses, gardenias, plumeria, and lilac. I have all but the plumeria in my yard and that’s where I usually write.

Ocean… I was born on the coast of Northern California, and I can’t wait to roll down my window when I return for a visit. The smell of the kelp churning with the heavy salt water fills my soul.

Food… I like to cook and I like to eat. When I’m preparing one of my concoctions the whole house smells delicious (probably more delicious than the taste). I love going to a friend’s house and being greeted by the savory scents of a carefully prepared meal.

Please share a verse of scripture that is especially meaningful to you, and why it is special.

Jeremiah 6:16 -- “This is what the Lord says: Stop at the crossroads and look around. Ask for the old godly way, and walk in it. Travel its path, and you will find rest for your souls. But you reply, ‘No, that’s not the road we want!’”

Isn’t that a crack up? I don’t know for sure why this verse resonates with me so much. Maybe I can relate to God’s advice to me and my willful desire to not go down that road. Then I wonder why my soul’s not at rest. Oh well… I’m older and wiser now and I prefer the old godly road. It’s His way or the highway, as the old saying goes.

About El Tiburon:

Action packed with espionage and intrigue, Sean is a CIA agent on a mission to Guatemala with his partner, Gary, to identify an elusive drug lord trafficker. When Sean's feisty wife, Sport, is unwittingly kidnapped and caught up in the mix, the plot becomes a multi-layered web that takes the reader through the underworld of crime. El Tiburon is a thriller that kept me turning the pages. With well-developed, modern day characters on a white-knuckled ride, El Tiburon will keep you on the edge of your seat.

About Heidi:

Traveling with my husband of twenty-eight years is my favorite past-time. We love visiting other cultures, especially if it gives us the opportunity to brush up on our Spanish. When in the tropics we scuba dive every chance we get. The rest is divided between gardening, exercise and of course writing.
In addition to fiction I write three blogs: A Dashing Bold Adventure is about our travels throughout Central America, the Caribbean, and Europe. The Wine Tribe covers a monthly food and wine pairing competition. And lastly is my author blog, Author H. Schussman, where you can find author interviews and what’s happening in my career.
I worked with US Veterans for 15 years as a physical therapist. I specialized in cognitive and psychiatric disorders. I was a clinical instructor for CSUS throughout my career as a PT and have the privilege of being a guest lecturer on two subjects: Cognitive and Psychiatric Disorders in the Geriatric Population, and Documentation for Skilled Intervention.
I’ve since retired from that profession and devote myself to writing fulltime. I’ve written two books (Counterpart and El Tiburon) and one screenplay (Piratessa). I am currently writing about an American youth group in Colombia with the adventurous McGees as chaperones… what could go wrong with eight teenagers in the jungle?


  1. Thanks for this opportunity Delia, it's appreciated

  2. Thank you, Heidi! I enjoyed our little chat. :)