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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Guest Author: Sara L. Foust

Building Blocks

Sara L. Foust

Psalm 34:22 (KJV)—The Lord redeemeth the soul of his servants: and none of them that trust in him shall be desolate.
I am not perfect. I think all of us would agree to that statement. It is amazing to me that a perfect God chooses to love an imperfect me. There are things in my past that I am ashamed of, but when He forgave me of those things I was able to release them to Him. At that point, I accepted that He loved me no matter what my past held.
A lot has changed in my life since I was saved at 19 years old. Marriage, three children, foster parenting, being led to homeschool, adopting our two foster children, beginning my career as an author, becoming published with my debut novel, and now being called to go on a mission trip to the Philippines in May 2018. Each of these building blocks serves to mold and change me into the person He has planned. Each of the new things He asks of me are uncomfortable and often terrifying, but I want to do them because He was kind enough, loving enough, generous enough to love me first and redeem my soul. I am joyfully indebted to Him and I trust Him above all other things in my life. I know that He is leading me somewhere amazing, and I hope I continue to have the faith to follow. I am humbled that He chose me to spread His amazing love into this world with my written words. I only hope they bring readers closer to Him. 

About Callum's Compass:

Kat Williams's brother died in a gruesome accident in the mountains of East Tennessee. She blames herself.
Ryan Jenkins's fiancée was murdered. He couldn’t protect her.
With the death of her brother, Kat believes she is unworthy of love from anyone—even God. When a good friend elicits a promise that she will stop living in the past and then leaves her clues to a real-life treasure hunt, Kat embarks on an adventure chock-full of danger. To find the treasure, Kat will have to survive wild animals—and even wilder men. Can she rely on Ryan, the handsome wildlife officer assigned to protect her...without falling in love?
Ryan swore off love when his fiancée was murdered, but feelings long-buried rise to the surface around Kat. He volunteers to help with her treasure hunt, vowing to keep her safe. Together they venture deep into caves and tunnels...and even deeper into the depths of their unplumbed hearts.

About the Author:
Sara writes Inspirational Romantic Suspense from a mini-farm in East Tennessee, where she lives with her husband and their five homeschooled children. Her debut novel Callum's Compass won second place in Deep River Books' 2017 Writer's Contest. She also has a story appearing in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone. To learn more about her, please visit


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