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Friday, December 2, 2016

Christmas Extravaganza: A Christmas Homecoming

by MaryAnn Diorio

When Sonia Pettit’s 17-year-old daughter goes missing, Sonia faces losing her mind, her marriage, and her faith.

Seven Christmases have passed since Sonia Pettit last heard from her daughter Jody. Since Jody’s departure, Sonia’s world has been turned upside down. Her husband has died of a broken heart, and her son, bitter over his sister’s destructive actions, has become rebellious.

Her greatest desire is to have her family together at Christmas, but after what Jody has put them all through, can Sonia truly forgive her daughter?

Jody Pettit O’Dair ran away to experience a life of adventure and excitement, but since her departure, her world has been turned upside down. She’s been abandoned by the man she met and married, lost her job, and is unable to care for her two children. With nowhere else to turn, this prodigal daughter begins the long journey home and prays she will be welcomed after walking away so long ago.

Will Jody find forgiveness in the arms of her family as easily as she received it from God?

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About MaryAnn Diorio:

Dr. MaryAnn Diorio is a widely published, award-winning author who writes riveting, compelling fiction that deals with the deepest issues of the human heart. Her latest novel is THE MADONNA OF PISANO, volume one in the trilogy titled THE ITALIAN CHRONICLES. Book two, A SICILIAN FAREWELL, is scheduled for released December 15, 2016. MaryAnn resides in New Jersey with her husband Dominic of 47 years, a retired Emergency Room physician. They are the blessed parents of two amazing adult daughters, a wonderful son-in-law, and five rambunctious grandchildren. In her spare time, MaryAnn likes to read, paint in oils and acrylic, play the piano, and make up silly songs for her grandchildren. You may reach MaryAnn at


A Christmas Homecoming is a well-written, heart-stirring tale of a family dealing with hurt, heartache, and—ultimately—healing. It’s packed with emotion…the author is skilled at strumming the heartstrings. As a mother, my heart was torn for Sonia. Also as a mother, I yearned to pull Jody into my arms and grant her forgiveness, redemption, and welcome. I wanted to hug Ben hard, and then read him the riot act for making bad decisions and not showing his mother proper respect. I confess to being a little disappointed in the ultra-short length of the book, only because the story contains an abundance of rich detail that could have been mined a little deeper, as well as great characters who begged for further development. Lengthening the journey would have made a good, touching story even more satisfying. Still, this is a great Christmas read that I truly enjoyed and am happy to recommend.


What inspired you to write A CHRISTMAS HOMECOMING?

Years ago, a cousin of mine disappeared from home. To some extent, I witnessed firsthand the wide gamut of emotions experienced by her immediate family and her extended family.  I wanted to write a story to show that forgiveness alone could bring healing to a broken family.

What makes you laugh out loud?

My husband’s jokes. After 47 years of marriage, I still laugh at his jokes as though I am hearing them for the first time.

Please share a verse of scripture that is especially meaningful to you, and why it is special.

John 8:32—“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

Knowing the truth has always been of the utmost priority in my life. Knowing the truth begins with knowing Truth Himself, Jesus Christ. Much of my early life was filled with lies that put me in bondage without my realizing it. When I came to Christ and began to study His Word, Holy Spirit revealed to me, little by little, the many lies I had been believing. He told me that He was tearing down the foundation of lies in my life and rebuilding my life on His Truth.  Behind every bondage is a lie. The more I have renounced the lie and embraced the Truth, the more I have been set free. 

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  1. Sad to say, our family went through the experience of a runaway teen. BUT when he called two years later and asked his dad if he could come home, it was a prodigal-son story. I enjoyed the interview questions as much as the review. Good job, ladies.