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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Snow Globe Dreams (Teresa Ives Lilly)

(A guest post by Teresa Ives Lilly)

Snow Globe Dreams

Have you ever seen a snow globe in a store, and wished you could be transported into the snow wonder world? 

I have to admit, I regularly do.  Being born in 1962 I feel as if I missed out on the gentle time of life, when the world was more like 'It's a Wonderful Life.'

But what snow globe world would you transport into?  A Santa Village, a Thomas Kincaide Village, or even a New York City Village? The possibilities are endless, but for me, it would be a small village, where no cars spoil the road, where people have taffy pulls, sing Christmas carols, bake sugar cookies and understand the true reason for the season is Jesus Christ.

Whatever you would like your snow globe Christmas to be, I hope you will consider reading one of my newest releases, Snow Globe Romance.  This is a Christian Romance Novella and will transport you to that village I spoke of.

Enjoy the journey.

Snow Globe Romance

When Elsa finds an old snow globe in the attic of the New York City mansion where she works as a cook’s assistant, she is magically transported to the quaint Snow Globe Village where she meets the long lost grandson of her employer and is offered a chance to become a baker and his wife... Will Grant convince her to stay in the Snow Globe Village or will she turn the snow globe upside down and take them both back to a place where it would be impossible for them to share a life of love?


A mini-interview with Teresa:

What inspired you to write Snow Globe Dreams?
I was at a thrift store and found a snow globe and thought what a great story I could write about one.

Which character in your new release did you most enjoy writing? Why?

I love the young maid because, although hysterical at times, she is resilient as well.

What, if anything, do you and your heroine have in common?

We both love Snow Globe worlds.

Teresa Ives Lilly writes Christian Romance Novellas.
She lives in San Antonio with her husband and near
her grown children. She loves to hear from her readers at You can see her other books
at Teresa Ives Lilly.

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