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Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Extravaganza: Gumbo Weather

by Marian P. Merritt

Colorado sports reporter, Noel Winters heads to Louisiana after finding love letters in her deceased mother’s belongings. When her car breaks down near Bijou Bayou, a handsome, struggling pitcher and part-time mechanic comes to her rescue by fixing her car, and offering to help her find her father. Only problem? As her alias, Micki Barrett, Noel wrote an article criticizing Justin Gravois's big league debut. Now she’s fallen for him, can she ever find the courage to tell him the truth? 
Justin Gravois, professional pitcher, wanted to make his uncle proud. When he finally got his shot, his dream turned into a nightmare. It didn’t help that sports reporter, Micki Barrett, wrote such terrible things about him. Now, Justin wants to forget about the past and move forward to next season. When he falls in love with Noel he wonders if she’s an answer to his prayer.

About Marian Merritt
Marian Pellegrin Merritt writes stories that blend her love of the mountains with her deep Southern roots. Her tagline, Where the Bayous Meets the Mountains, grew from both loves.
This Louisiana native writes her Christmas romances and Southern women’s fiction with a Louisiana/Colorado connection from the Texas home she shares with her husband and a very spoiled Labradoodle.

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Welcome to Bijou Bayou…a place where everyone knows everyone else, and they all love one another like family—but then, many of them actually are.

Noel Winters isn’t too sure what she’s gotten herself into when she first arrives—in someone else’s car, at someone else’s home, hoping to meet a man who may or may not be her father. In the next few days, Noel will experience soul-deep hurt and disappointment, but she’ll also be welcomed into family and friendship unlike anything she’s ever known. Love will come calling, and Noel will face the terrifying prospect of watching that love die on the vine.

I very much enjoyed this heart-warming Christmas tale. It’s full of angst and regret, but also overflowing with faith, hope and love. The author did not trade quality for quantity, but instead, found a way to pack a well-told and wonderfully delivered story into fewer pages. Made me want to drop in at Bijou Bayou, knock on Miss Vivian’s door, and beg a bowl of gumbo—no matter the weather.


Which character in your new release did you most enjoy writing? Why?

The hero, Justin's uncle—Nonc AL was my favorite to write. He said very little but was the voice of reason throughout the book. He was also the type of uncle we'd all love to have.

What household task do you most dislike? Which do you most enjoy?

I hate mopping the floors. Urgghhh. It takes such a long time and the results are so short-lived.

Marian's "hideaway"
There's really no task I love, but I don't mind folding laundry. It's something I can do while watching a movie or show.

Where do you hide away when you want to pray, meditate, read, or just cuddle up with God?

I have a wingback chair in a small living area next to my dining room. It faces the front yard and I love sitting there to do my Bible studies. It's a place that puts my heart in the right place to visit with my Lord, Jesus.


  1. Delia, thanks so much for the great review of Gumbo Weather! I hope you had a great Christmas and a have a wonderful New Year!

  2. You're welcome, Marian! I very much enjoyed your story, and your mini-interview, as well. :) Thank you for visiting my blog!